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At Lift UP, we believe in the power of local communities to address the complex issue of food insecurity. Just as a diverse range of ingredients comes together to create a satisfying meal, we bring together local neighbors, volunteers, and partners to tackle hunger. Our approach is rooted in collective action, accountability, and empowering individuals and families with the resources they need to overcome food insecurity. We believe that access to food is a fundamental right.

Our Approach

Supporting Lift UP means making a direct investment in increasing food security for our neighbors in Downtown and Northwest Portland. Your generosity empowers us to provide essential nourishment to those in need and strengthens our entire community. Your gift makes a difference by ensuring that families have access to the food they require to thrive. Together, we can build a more resilient and compassionate community for all.

Your Impact

In Downtown and Northwest Portland, the challenge is clear: too many of our neighbors face food insecurity, struggling to access the nourishment they need for themselves and their families. Economic disparities, unexpected hardships, and various barriers create a universal struggle for reliable access to nutritious food. It's a challenge we can't ignore, and it requires collective action to overcome.

Every day, our neighbors in Northwest and Downtown Portland struggle to put food on the table. Food insecurity is a complex problem with many root causes, including poverty, racism, and lack of access to affordable housing.

Your generous donation—whether monetary or donated time—plays a crucial role in providing essential food access to the Downtown and Northwest Portland community.   Together, we can strive to end food insecurity in our community.

Whether you're an individual, business, or organization, your financial contribution, donated time, or partnership helps Lift UP increase food security for our neighbors and foster a more just and equitable food system. 

Fight Hunger All Year Long

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